Trusted Will Writing Service for 30 Years. Offices in Camberley & Basingstoke. Wills from £199

Where There’s A Will…

There’s A Way To Protect
Your Family’s Future



Trusted Will Writing Service for 30 Years
Offices in Camberley & Basingstoke.

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WILLS – from £199

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way to protect your family’s future.

Making a Will protects your family & your assets. Without one, the law decides how your estate is shared and who could potentially raise your children. This can put your family and assets at risk and lead to painful disputes. Making a Will gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy life.

It’s important to use a professional Will writer to ensure your document holds up in court across all scenarios. We’re a friendly team, and we’re proud to have been protecting our local community for 30 years. We’re members of the ‘Institute of Professional Willwriters’, so you can be confident our service is of the highest quality.


Always looked after by the people who love you.

There may come a day when you are unable to care for yourself or make important decisions. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney allows people who you know and trust to manage your healthcare, welfare, property & finances. Without one, this power will fall to the state, and your family may have to endure lengthy and costly court proceedings to wrestle it back. And even then they may not be successful. Make a Lasting Power of Attorney while you’re still fit to do so. It will give you peace of mind you’ll always be looked after by the people who love you. Click below to learn more.


Your family will thank you for doing it.

A pre-paid Funeral Plan allows your family to deal with your death without the stress and expense of arranging a funeral. Without one, your loved ones will have to organise your funeral during a sad and difficult time. They may also have to cover the cost, which can put financial strain on many families. 

Funeral Planning allows you to arrange your funeral as you would like it and pay for it upfront at today’s prices. As funerals are becoming more expensive each year, this is a cost-effective strategy. When you pass away your family simply make a call and your Funeral Plan is put into action – leaving your loved ones to process their loss without the stress of organising your funeral. To learn more about the benefits of Funeral Planning, click below. 


Gives you the peace of mind you need enjoy life.

Estate Planning is where we bring all our expertise together. Rather than focusing on a single service, we look at the bigger picture to get you fully prepared and protected. This can involve organising your estate, making provisions for your future needs, writing or updating your Will, appointing Lasting Power of Attorneys, and Funeral Planning. 

Many people prefer to get everything in place at the same time. Aside from being more cost-effective, it allows you to get on and enjoy life safe in the knowledge that you, your family, and your assets are fully protected. To find out more about Estate Planning, click below.


Michael Usher Wills & Estate Planning is a local, family run business and part of the Michael Usher group. We’ve been providing a trusted, quality service to our local community for 30 years. We’re proud of what we do, because our job is to protect families and bring them security in times of need. And we don’t take this responsibility lightly, which is why we give each customer the attention they deserve.

We’re an honest and friendly team, and whatever service you’re after we’re here ready to help you. Call us today or pop in for a chat, we’ll make sure you get a nice cup of tea!

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