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Wills made easy with Michael Usher Wills Camberley

Why make a will at all?

  •  Making a will let you decide what will happen to your property, possessions and assets after your death
  •  You can decide how your assets are shared – if you don’t have a will the law says who will receive your assets.
  •  If you are in an unmarried partnership (whether or not it’s the same sex relationship), you can make sure your partner is provided for.
  •  If you’re divorced you can decide whether you want to leave anything to your former partner
  •  You can make sure that you do not pay more inheritance tax the necessary.
  •  You can ensure that the guardians are put in place to look after any children under the age of 18.
  •  You can exclude someone to ensure they will not benefit from your estate when you die.
  •  You can ensure that appropriate provision is made for elderly or disabled people who you want to benefit from your well.
  •  You can decide who you want to name as an executor the named persons who will sort out your estate and distribute any assets after your death.
  •  You can decide who you want to name as a trustee the named person who will look after any trusts within your will.

So why choose Michael Usher Wills

There are many reasons to use Michael Usher Wills,  as there are various legal formalities that need to be followed to make sure that your will is valid. You may also need specialist advice for more complicated matters such as trusts or you may require specialist advice on inheritance tax issues

Michael Usher wills together with its associates are specialists in this type of work and we are up-to-date with current legislation and proficient in working with very small states up to large and complex estates.

We offer a fixed price range of services to suit all needs and offer an initial confidential home visits at no additional cost.

To speak to one of our experienced will and estate planners call us now (01276) 691979


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