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Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Making Your Will

Are you aware 60% of people in the UK do not have a Will.

They keep saying I must have one – but keep putting it off. Why?

They have work and family matters to consider, which occupies their time but believe they still have the opportunity to do their Will later. But we never know when someone may die – and then if there is a sudden death and it causes problems in the family – then they realise – I must do my Will.


If you have your Will; it ensures on your death that your wishes are followed and your money and assets pass to the people you want to receive the benefits of your Estate. Your funeral wishes are followed and any specific needs or gifts are carried out by your named Executors. 

If you do not have a Will then your family would have to apply for Letters of Administration to your estate but the rules are more complicated and your wishes might not be followed. It is more likely there may be a claim against your Estate – these claims are increasing over the years – where your family may be liable for costs if it went to Court plus there would be loss/payment to a third party which you do not want to happen.

If there is no Will – on your death anything can happen to your assets and monies and there could be serious problems for your family and those who you wanted to benefit on your death. Do you want that to happen?    


MICHAEL USHER provide an experienced and professional service and will advise you through the process of creating your Will – Plus give Estate Planning advice to ensure you are protected.  

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