What is the role of a Guardian?

If you fail to appoint a Guardian in your Will and your children are orphaned before the age of 18 the courts will appoint a Guardian for you. Making a Will is the only way to legally appoint a guardian for your children.

Guardians take on the role of parent to your children…

Failing to name guardians in your Will means that the care of minor children will be decided by the Courts.
You should ensure that those persons you would want to bring up your children are willing to do so.
You should make financial provision for your children to enable their guardians to raise them.
It is best to consider the age of the guardians and to appoint two.
Appointing A Guardian
Should you die without making a Will or if you do not appoint guardians in your Will, your children could be placed in care until the court appoints official guardians to look after them.
This could take months and would obviously result in distress for your children and other members of your family. You should remember to request that your appointed guardians also make a Will themselves to further safeguard the future of your children.
You will need to consider who should be the guardians of any children under the age of 18 years who may survive you. The law has certain requirements particularly where the parents are unmarried or have divorced or separated.