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Not Having A Will Can Be Expensive

Not having a will can be expensive, if you have assets – Especially for your family when you pass on.

Roger Lloyd-Pack Died Without A Will

Roger Lloyd-Pack Died Without A Will

The Actor Roger Lloyd-Pack, star of the hit comedy programme “Only Fools and Horses’ who died in January left £1,464,638, did not leave a will according to an article in the Daily Mail.

Although his estate will be shared between his widow, (which was his second wife) and his four children, thousands of pounds will be lost because of intestacy rules which mean that HMRC can claim against Mr Lloyd-Pack’s estate.

If Mr Lloyd-Pack had a will in place, a lot of heartache and possibly arguments could have been saved.

So while most of us will not die with such a big estate, if we have assets such as a house, jewellery, car or cash, we should be making a will.

For advice on making a will and how stop the tax man from getting his hands on your hard earned assets, call our Frimley office for a friendly chat.

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