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Estate Planning – Wills and Trusts

Michael Usher – Estate Planning/Wills and Trusts

Your local Wills and Estate Planning firm Michael Usher Wills based on High Street Frimley continues to grow and combine it’s property and mortgage teams to provide a wealth of service to it’s clients

During your life there are many questions you have as to providing for your parents as they grow older and how to protect them and their assets in difficult times.

What happens if they become incapable either physically or mentally to deal with their simple affairs; or it becomes more serious and they may have to go into care; and then they die but have not made a Will so you are unsure as to what happens to their Estate and if their wishes will be followed – perhaps not – what are the consequences and have they provided for any of these events. 

Look at how you can protect them and your family –

  1. Lasting Power’s of Attorney (Financial or Health) can be registered at comparable fees and would allow you to deal with their affairs and health situations when they become incapable. You save time and cost and fully protect them. If these are not in place – then the alternative is Court of Protection – but this is very expensive and complicated. Michael Usher have been setting up LPA’s for some time and our feedback confirms the gratitude and thanks from clients who have seen the benefits and support this service gives to them and their family.
  2. Care Home – what if they cannot support themselves at home and you cannot provide the service they need – or they are suffering from a severe medical condition – and the NHS cannot hold them in a hospital – so they have to go into care. There are many different  circumstances which lead to someone going into care – BUT what about payment of care fees. These fees can total up to and even over £40,000 each year and after their savings are taken plus any pension income the next claim will be against their property. They have worked all their lives and wanted to pass on these assets to their family – but now these will be taken by the state and you will no longer receive any of their Estate – funds you need to help yourself and your children.  Michael Usher can help you and your parents to protect those assets but it should be done now as if the state can prove any action was taken to stop payment of care fees then it’s too late. The process if done correctly either split of ownership i.e. of property or Asset Protection Trusts which can cover any financial items including property then you and your family will protect these assets to ensure they pass to you and your family.
  3. Wills – Michael Usher Wills have been providing this service for many years and at a competitive set of fees – and we provide free advice plus home visits.  We read all the time that 60% of UK citizens do not have a Will – we know you may keep saying – yes we need to make one – but keep putting it off until some friend dies/no Will and problems – so lets do it!! But it is important as you need to make sure when you die your assets pass to the right people; your funeral wishes are followed and any specific needs/gifts etc are undertaken correctly by your Executors. If no Will – anything could happen and unfortunately old problems come out of the dark and can cause serious problems for your family and beneficiaries. Make your Will now. Michael Usher will advise you throughout the process and ensure your wishes and requirements are fully and properly covered – this would not just be your Will but we now provide advice and undertake other areas – these are explained below but part of Michael Usher’s expansion and links to other professionals.

Michael Usher can now offer advice and service in the following areas:-

  1. Asset Management/Protection Trusts – we have already talked about saving care home fees – but apart from protecting your own property, you can use trusts for other assets – savings, investments or commercial items. Basically you “ring fence” each asset against creditors , claims against you personally and you provide these assets will pass to those whom you want to benefit and receive. Each of you have different concerns and needs to safeguard matters – we are happy to see you and give independent and professional advice without any obligation. Nothing to lose and much to gain –
  2. Administration of Estates – if someone you know – or in your family dies – then their Estate will need to be administered. If they left a Will then an application for Grant of Probate – if not then slightly different when require Letters of Administration – but often there are problems or claims against the Estate. Michael Usher now can deal with these matters for you – again at a cost far less than Solicitors and using their legal professionals who have been dealing with these matters for many years. Again no obligation discussion/meeting – will be worth contacting us.
  3. Estate Planning – are you worried about paying Inheritance Tax on your death – there may be ways to save giving thousands to Mr Osborne who takes billions every year – but depending on your financial situation there are legal and proper schemes to save you and your family those thousands of pounds. The current IHT estate value limit is £325k per person and £650k for a couple – not a lot especially if you live in the South and value of your property could soak up all this liability. Our specialist advisers will be happy to see you and give advice to save money. No liability and well worth your time in considering this action
  4. Commercial matters – we mentioned how Michael Usher not only deals with mortgage applications but has now set up his estate agency side and lettings – our team now deals with commercial matters. If you own a commercial property – need it let – deal with a lease if you find a tenant – or you are taking on your commercial venture and need help with negotiation or dealing with the legal side inc the lease. You may be in business and need to have contracts/agreements in place with your suppliers/customers and consultants working for your business.  Michael Usher can help – again good service and competitive fees.
  5. Lifetime Advice – throughout your life and both your family and friends will have the need to seek advice not just on Wills; LPA’s; Trusts but on Property; Commercial and other matters – but who do you turn to for advice? When you need help and assistance then if you join our Lifetime Advice Membership you /members of family or friends can contact Michael Usher using your membership code to obtain free advice on any matter. Michael Usher may be able to deal with the matter or will find you the correct professional at a very competitive cost – if and depending on the action required to deal with your matter. Let Michael Usher provide you more information on this new service.

Michael Usher is now expanding and providing additional services to our current and hopefully new clients. Michael Usher is open to discussions and meetings to advise you on the many areas we now cover – no obligation or initial cost – give us a chance to show how we can assist you especially in the areas listed above

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